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About us

At Shukla & Associates we believe that professional excellence is the foundation of quality legal services. The key to the Firm's astounding success is the Firm's commitment to add value to every assignment it undertakes, be it structuring transactions and guiding them to a successful completion or resolving disputes speedily.


A set of committed professionals filled with the will of doing quantitative & qualitative work encompasses our people. The Associates of the firm regularly attend conferences to keep themselves abreast of the latest in the rapidly changing scenario. Our staff is guided by one overriding principle to serve the interests of our clients as if they were our own. We are dedicated to the excellence of our legal work, yet know that understanding the business needs of our clients is just as important as understanding the law. We also know that efficiency and cost-effectiveness are vitally important to our clients. To make certain we meet these expectations, we recruit exceptional people and train them well. We invest heavily in technology and are rated among the top small and medium sized law firms in the country. This combination of people and technology enables us to help our clients find solutions to their issues quickly and effectively.


Investment in technology has put us some way ahead of our principal competitors in a number of key areas. In particular, case management software developed by the Firm is proving increasingly important where web-enabled reporting is required.